Coaching staff or who is at the helm

The coaching staff of hockey coaches have well-coordinated team that governs the actions of their team players during the match. Each of the coaches from staff is responsible for his own sector. The coaching staff is led by head coach, who controls the course of the whole match, playing time for all players and makes essential decisions.

A good coach makes his wards believe in themselves and into each other. He is equally demanding to himself and hockey players. Players and a coach together form the ideology for the team and energize team actions. They share joy and pride of the victory. Serious attitude to trainings and diligent team work provides an opportunity to win in future.

Any organisation is also headed by a top manager being the central figure of the company, who serves to organize and successfully promote its business.  Traditionally in their work top manager relies on support from his/her “command staff” — top level management — board members and the directorate, directors of business department and regional directors, functional directors — marketing, advertisement, information technologies, safety, HR, front line, public relations, etc.



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