• HR Management
  • HR marketing (part I)

    Modern business situation, peculiarities of modern economy demand new, and most importantly, effective approaches to human resources management. Together with functional and project approaches, which are used in management to a greater or lesser extent, quite efficient approach to establishing HR management system in the company becomes HR marketing.

  • HR hockey
  • Goal settings

    The work of a hockey coach is to coach people, not hockey. Therefore, personal goals of players are of crucial importance. Players cannot achieve something that is not clear for them. Players cannot learn something what they do not want.

  • HR hockey
  • Team Cohesion

    Within any gaming system there is also space for individual solutions. However, by using several different methods, individual hockey players and various team units play different roles and perform different tasks but they always play according to single system giving the teams dependability and confidence. The most successful team wins because