Hello, dear friends! My name is Oksana. My blog is about exceptionally interesting matters of human resources (HR) management. This complicated field is related to the management of personalities, unique characters that must be integrated into the system processes within an organisation.
Prior to HRM consulting I worked at senior management positions in international companies and participated in international projects as local HRM advisor. I have three university degrees – philology & education sciences, law and organisational psychology. In 2015, I completed MBA in management in Prague (Czech Republic).
However, my evolution hasn’t stopped there. Currently, I gather the material for a thesis on absolutely breath-taking subject – Neuromanagement. To my mind, in the near future, this awesome science will dramatically change our perception of management in general, and HR management in particular.


Now a few words about personal matters…

In this life, I get inspired by never-ending breakthroughs and incredible people I meet all the time on my path. While my tower of strength is my family, which keeps understanding and being tolerant to my endless travelling, project activities and the state of a “lifelong student”.
The city of my heart became marvellous Prague that fantastically matches my favourite genre of music – “smooth jazz”.
I’m rather pleased that while being so busy I still can find time for hobbies. One of them is cake decorating. Now, when my children are growing, there are plenty of occasions to progress in this field as well ))).

In my blog, I will try to share with you, my dear readers, the practical groundwork I gained during my 15 years of work with personnel. I hope you will find the offered information interesting and useful. Please, feel free to suggest HRM-related topics that you would like to discover in more detail. I will be glad to receive your comments. Please, join!

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