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Hello, dear friends! My name is Oksana. My blog is about exceptionally interesting matters of human resources (HR) management. This complicated field is related to the management of personalities, unique characters that must be integrated into the system processes within an organisation.

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Specifically, to how alike, to my mind, are sport and organisation games with equally team-like nature. Probably, one will consider the burden of HR management not so tiring (heavy) if we look at it from another perspective.

As in sports, business development takes place under conditions of tough competition, according to the rules and standards of business ethics. Sports teams and enterprises are equally possessive to achievements of each other since quite often the triumph of the one means that opportunities for others disappear. The same intensity is applied to studying the peculiarities of competitors, methods of their operation, their strengths and weaknesses, expectations and decisions.
Today many managers gradually come to accept that a key element in management are people, and without establishing a well-coordinated team it becomes virtually impossible.
The difference between “individual” and “team” sports is essential for arrangement of the training process and the technology of psychological training for athletes. For organisations, in their operation, it is quite difficult to decide on “single-player game” of individual employee. Here “team interaction” of all staff members is more significant and effective.
This has imposed the decision to draw a parallel between human resources (HR) management and ice hockey, as the work of staff is equivalent to team sports. Both in staff team and in hockey team management rivalry, excitement and strict game rules are there continuously and everywhere.