Application for staff

Staff recruitment is a combination of phased arrangements aimed at assessment of applicants to determine their suitability for performing job-specific functions.

This process comprises of a series of stages, where each of these stages has its own objectives, goals, mechanism, methods, tools, and principal activity owner. Traditional staff recruitment scheme is as follows:

Recruitment process


To make the process of selection as efficient and manageable as possible the recruitment specialists use Application for Employee Recruitment that is clearly and correctly prepared. This document includes the following sections:

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It is important to realise that functions of the recruitment specialist do not end with the posting of the vacancy in the media. It is necessary to track the pattern of response dynamics and statistics (quantity; time period during which these responses were received; how many of these were appropriate). If the responses for the vacancy do not comply with the requirements for the vacant position it means that the requirements in the Application for Employee Recruitment (and in posted vacancy as well) should be revised and modified.  This must be done so as not to waste organisation’s resources and time.


Establishment of service quality management system

Sales manager. Job profile