Performance review

Player assessment or performance review

Analysis of hockey player performance and one-to-one meeting with him is conducted based on outcomes of approximately ten matches. The purpose of these meetings is to evaluate personal input of the hockey player into the team play, his achievements and errors, problems, needs and questions that prevent him from progressing to maximally effective and efficient playing level, to clarify the vision of coaches, ways to increase his self-assessment and motivation, to listen to his opinion about the current situation, i.e. receive feedback. It is essential that such meetings help players to concentrate on coming matches and find optimal solution for the existing situation.

The same objective is set for the performance review of organisation employees. The results of personal work input evaluation serve the information base necessary for management decision-making. During review of employees’ performance the following issues are discussed:

  • Individual input and participation of an employee in overall result of the team/functional department/company are discussed
  • Management expectations regarding employee’s performance are discussed
  • Positive and constructive comments are expressed
  • Examples of the real employee performance are reviewed
  • Management recommendations regarding future improvements in work are expressed
  • Feedback from colleagues, customers and other people who work with an employee is discussed
  • Employee comments on problems s/he meets in his/her work and his/her proposals are examined

Systematic and well-timed employee performance review helps to monitor the actual performance mechanism, analyse arising difficulties, input timely modifications, efficiently utilise organisational resources and give comprehensive support to the employee by making him/her confident in importance of cooperation and continuous open dialogue with the manager and the team.

Staff performance review outcomes enable:

  • Identifying management problems
  • Arranging the relations within the company through unified evaluation system
  • Enhancing performance intensity through corrective post-review actions
  • Defining the basis for rewards and evaluation and rotations in the company, establishing the succession pool
  • Identifying the rating on performed duties
  • Establishing employment benefits

 Besides, the answers to the following questions are received:

  • In what sector will the employee be maximally efficient owing to his/her natural traits?
  • Can s/he efficiently manage people and what features can be his/her style of management and/or subordination?
  • What are the individual motivation factors for the employee?

In ice hockey player assessment is performed regularly. To this end they use the scoring system with the scale from one to five.

To efficiently evaluate personal work input and performance of employees it is necessary to review indicators that reflect the final outcomes of economic and social development of an enterprise. Great importance is given to such economic enterprise indicators as profits, performance, sales volume, profitability.



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