Job profiles

Player positions and profiles or why job profiles are so important?

One of the objectives essential for the victory in a hockey match is that each player must clearly understand his role and its importance for the team play. Besides, not less important is the moment of how the player assumes this role and whether he truly identifies himself with this role and objectives within this role.

In ice hockey for an illustrative and qualitative evaluation of players’ skills and abilities, their development and potential player profiles are prepared. These profiles include the assessment of players’ characteristics using a scale from 0% (the least developed) to 100% (the best). The average between the best and the worst player statistics in a league is taken as standard setting; the same values are used as standard for subsequent evaluation of each team player.

In HR management the job profile is used for the same purpose.

Job profile (occupational profile) is a description of job content, professionally meaningful and personal traits, competencies, formal requirements for an employee, professional knowledge and skills, necessary to perform the specific work in this organisation.






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