Commitment in sports and work

The role of common spirit, loyalty, commitment becomes evident when we talk about competition in sports. These special relations within a hockey team, unity of purpose, readiness to do their best to achieve it, internal commitments of each team member are crucial for getting the victory over competitors.

Corporate staff is a united team, and all its members make their input into common success. The employees will apply their powers and abilities to work only when they are really attached to their organisation.

Commitment to organisation means emotionally positive attitude of an employee to organisation assuming readiness to share its goals and values, and to work in its interests intensely and for a long period of time.

Among the most important privileges obtained by organisations where the management succeeds in solving the issue with increasing the level of commitment of staff to organisation, we can highlight the following advantages:

  • Efficient work. When employees are interested in organisation to perform more efficiently, their performance increases and the quality of work improves. With the increase in the level of employees’ commitment to their organisation the costs per unit of production and the price of quality decrease.
  • People are committed to common goal when they realize that for the common good they require team work and cooperation.
  • Low conflict level. Common goals and spirit of cooperation help employees to resolve conflicts. Conflicts occur much rarer in teams with common vision, where team members move forward to the set goal together.

Studies confirm that commitment of employees increase organisational performance by reducing the number of late arrivals, reducing the level of absenteeism among employees and improving the customer service.



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